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Almost every law firm claims to put their “clients first”, yet our profession is overrun with less than respectable attorneys who leave clients high and dry. We challenge that cliché by standing on the principle that We Put Our Last Name First. We don’t take every type of case, ambulance chase or go against our values for money. We take your freedom and our reputation very personal so we handle both with care, that’s our corporate culture.

We service a very specific client base: those facing prison time, in prison, on parole or probation, victims of civil rights injustice, and those with personal injury claims. This tight focus allows us to offer a tailored legal service like no other giving our clients the best chance for success. We accept the challenge and live for the victory.

He saves the needy from the sword in their mouth; He saves them from the clutches of the powerful. So the poor have hope, and injustice shuts its mouth. Job 5: 15-16

In Living Memory of

Attorney Tammy E. Henderson Peden

September 29, 1964 – Forever

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Terry H. Peden

The Law Group of Terry Henderson Peden, PLLC is a start up law firm unlike most, in that we are re-opening and continuing the legacy of deceased attorney Tammy E. Henderson Peden. As Tammy’s oldest child, I watched and helped my mother build her client base to more than 900 parole clients, and over 30 personal injury cases at the time of her sudden passing, only 4 months before I began law school. The Peden name is legendary in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and The Law Group of THP PLLC, is picking up and running with the family legacy of service and excellence in post conviction work, and litigation.

Unlike most attorneys, I can relate to those on the wrong side of the system because I have many friends and family members who are either currently incarcerated or have been at some point. Simply put, I don’t see numbers and wrap sheets, I see people. Also, time spent as a teacher in Latin America enabled me to become fully bilingual in English and Spanish, which helps increase our quality of representation for Hispanic clients and their familiy’s.

As a former college football player, I attack every case with tenacity and constantly seek to improve the service our law group provides. This area of law is the link between my passion and purpose; fighting for what’s right and building a respect worthy brand that bears my family name. I’m blessed to be in this position and humbled to work for you.